Mrs Serene Chang

Zion Bishan Kindergarten

Mrs Serene Chang
24 Jun 2018

Bringing Joy and Smiles to the Elderly Residents at Golden Jasmine - in collaboration with "Wigglepods"

23 May 2018 - Visit to Golden Jasmine 

The music teachers from “Wigglepods” provided 2 large stretchy bends for the children and elderly folks to move along to the song “Chan Mali Chan”.  Both the children and elderly folks enjoyed singing the song. 

After much singing, dancing, fun and laughter, it was time to bid goodbye to the elderly folks.  Before the children leave, they excitedly handed over the food hampers that they lovingly packed for the elderly folks. It was heartening to see the love and kindness being displayed towards these elderly folks by the children and their parents. 

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