Mrs Serene Chang

Zion Bishan Kindergarten

Mrs Serene Chang
24 Jun 2018

Bringing Joy and Smiles to the Elderly Residents at Golden Jasmine - in collaboration with "Wigglepods"

23 May 2018 - The day has finally arrived for the children to visit the elderly residents at the Golden Jasmine Hub. The children, together with their parents and teachers, started their journey on foot and walked to the Hub near the school.

The elderly residents were delighted to see the children, donned in the school green t-shirt and the SSDB orange hats,  and welcomed them with open arms. 

The children were treated to a series of children’s songs and oldies by the elderly residents who played the ukulele and sang their hearts out. Next, the children entertained the elderly folks with a Chinese song “让爱传出去” ❤️ and an English song “This Little Light of Mine”.

In collaboration with “Wigglepods”, the music teachers led a few music and movement activities with the children and the elderly residents. First, the children sang a ”HELLO” song to the elderly folks, shaking their hands and doing ‘Hi-5’ with them. Next, the children and the elderly folks had so much fun grooving to the Elvis Presley’s song ”Jailhouse Rock” - an old time favourite! 

Wow! The elderly folks can dance so well! 💃🏻🕺🏻That’s the way to let it go and enjoy the moment. 😜

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