Ng Shi Jia Deborah

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Timah Blk 319 (EY)

Ng Shi Jia Deborah
5 Aug

Brighten Your Heart With 10 Values

As SSDB 2022 focuses on the theme: “Our Family, Our Community”, Our N1 & N2 children collaborate with Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) to discover values cherished by the Chinese. The SCCC provided resources such as JangandFox -adorable comics to share these family values with the children. Teachers had also planned some activities related to the family values.

Our N1 and N2 children have the opportunity to learn about the 10 values cherished by the Chinese – Loyalty (忠), Filial Piety (孝), Kindness (仁), Love (爱), Courtesy (礼), Righteousness (义), Honesty (廉), Shame (耻), Thrift (俭), and Perseverance (毅).

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