Chinese Kindergarten

Chinese Kindergarten

Chinese Kindergarten
5 Sep

Blessings of Love

Children discusses how to bless the community around them. A fund raising activity was conducted involving the whole school to raise funds to purchase items as well as money for ‘Sponsor-a-Meal’ by Presbyterian Community Services. 

They packed the essential items such as face masks, wet wipes, noodles, biscuits, milo, to donate to 100 households under Sarah Senior Activity Centre.

Due to Phase 2 Heightened alert, the children were not able to distribute the packs personally. However, they sent their well wishes through a video. They also performed a song and dance for the seniors to cheer them up amidst the covid situation. 

The children learnt to care and share with the community in their very own way. Although their efforts may seem small, but collectively, it can made an impact in someone’s life.

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