Vanessa Pang

Bethel Day Care Centre

Vanessa Pang
16 Sep 2021

Bethel Connects, Better Together

  • PHASE 2.1 - Virtual Tour with Singapore Arts Museum (SAM)

We collaborated with SAM to introduce the topic of reaching out to loved ones to connect and show care for them.

Our N2 to K2 children looked at various pieces from The Learning Gallery (TLG). This picture stirred a conversation with the children to ask if this woman was at the beach alone. Our friendly guide, Qing Hui, pointed out to the children that the lady was holding some children’s water bottles in her plastic bag which may have implied that perhaps, she was at the beach with her grandchildren.

This virtual tour was done in hope that our children would value and recognise the importance of connecting and reconnecting with loved ones.

  • PHASE 2.2 - Bethel Connects: Postcard Connections

Our virtual tour transitioned to giving our children an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones through mail! Our PN to K2 children designed a postcard in class and brought them home to write a note with their parents.

It was a joy to see the mail reaching the children’s loved ones.

  • PHASE 3 - Better Together: FAMission

Each family was tasked to choose one out of three Family Missions, or as we coined it, FAMissions.

With mission cards designed by our K2 children, the families were given the option to do any of the FAMission within their own family, or extend the invitation to a loved one to join in virtually.

Some families did FAMission 1 - Dance Dance Fun. Families were tasked to do a dance challenge!

This special family is currently waiting to reunite due to the pandemic, with Daddy stuck overseas because of work.

Some did the NDP 2021 Virtual Dance!

Other families did FAMission 2 - Bakers Assemble! The families were given a Muffin recipe to bake together but they ended up thinking out of the box and making so much more - from Tang Yuan, to cookies!

Our most popular FAMission, FAMission 3 - 3, 2, 1, Pose! The families were given examples of some poses to recreate together like the “Lookdown at the camera pose”, “Head Stack pose” and many more!

Lookdown at the camera pose

Head Stack Pose

Trust Fall Pose

Hearts and Stars Pose

We hope the families and their loved ones reconnected during this season, in spite of all the restrictions and distancing and found that there are many ways to connect with the people around them!

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