Siti Hamidah

Little Atlas Preschool

Siti Hamidah
23 May

Appreciating Our Mummies

While flowers and chocolates are perfectly suitable as a way to say “thanks” to our mothers, it is our actions and words that mean the most to her. Therefore, as part of out Home-Based Learning initiatives, we have invited our Little Innovators and their daddies to show their love and appreciation for their mummies. 

Look at these cards made by our Kindergarteners. They have definitely put in effort into making them.

One of our Little Innovators moulded a rose for her mummy! Isn’t that sweet?

We also organised our very first Mother’s Day Campaign Talent Showcase!Our greatest appreciation to all who participated, we really have enjoyed watching all the wonderful videos. It was heartwarming to see our mummies having fun doing different kinds of activities with their loved ones! Just look at how talented these mummies are!

The Little Atlas Team has also made a tribute for our lovely mummies. 

We hope to see you soon!

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