Farah Syafiqa Binte Jamal

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jurong Spring Blk 528 (DS)

Farah Syafiqa Binte Jamal
29 Jun 2018

6 April 2018 - SSDB LAUNCH PARTY!

We had a fun time launching #SSDB2018 in our gym room with our centre principal, teachers and friends.

We started it off by putting on our orange SSDB hats for the first time!

Next, the children had a mini countdown to launch the party!


Our project title is MISSION POSSIBLE! Explore, Conserve & Protect. The children learn about what our project is about and who we may be collaborating with. They also learn about Singapore’s Otters and how the behaviour of irresponsible citizens have endangered them.

Next, they did some writing and drawing in their “My Reflection Book” about the project. They also drew their friends as SSDB special agents!

While the rest completed their writing and drawings, some of the children prepared goodie bags for everyone to take home. They filled it up with knick knacks and the resources from the SSDB package.

Finally the children watched the movie “Zootopia” and be inspired to be as eager as Officer Hops to make a difference in the world even though she is small. START SMALL DREAM BIG!

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