Gina Suan Wei Ting

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Teck Ghee Blk 227 (EY)

Gina Suan Wei Ting
16 Jun 2023

“Together we can do so many things”

Our SSDB corner is finally up and the children are thrilled to explore and asking lots of questions about the ‘Orangutans’ and the family as well as the ‘Animal of the month’.

Look at the children, smiling widely in the corner and taking pictures in their jeep, all ready for more SSDB adventures! 

Our Nursery 2 children were eager asking their teachers lots of questions and pointing to the pictures on the wall! So happy to see them engaging with curiosity! 

Our Nursery 1 children all were excited to take a photo with the centre very own jeep, hopping up for more adventures in the wild! 

Here are the top five questions that the children had asked and were most excited to find out! 

Last but not least, the children were invited by the Resident Network Palm View to participate in their Morning gathering! 

We have the Nursery 1 performing the song ‘Start small dream big’! Sharing with the elderlies that “Despite being the little ones, we all can do so many things and so do they!” 

Nursery 2 children performing ‘You are my sunshine’ “A big thank you to the elderlies for supporting their performance and being our sun shine!” 

What a blast week! Hope you have enjoy our sharing! Stay tune for more!

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