Boholst Suzane Germata

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yio Chu Kang Blk 644 (KN)

Boholst Suzane Germata
19 Jul 2019

“Think, Give, Forget Waste”

Our project is about saving food and reducing wastage. We want the children to be aware of what is the effect of food wastage and teach them ways on how they can take part in saving food and avoiding wastage. We want our children to act as ambassadors for a food waste reduction programme.

Part of our project is to give out posters and flyers. In a span of two weeks, the children were able to design and create their posters and flyers that they will be giving out during our visit to the nearby coffee shop. They were also able to talk about the posters they have made.

We organized a cookery session. The objective of the activity is to give children the idea of various food saving techniques and preservation methods. One of our PSG member demonstrated sandwich making and made use of the excess slices and make it into a chocolate ball. She also shared some tips on how they can save and preserve food. The children had fun and learned new recipes during the cookery session.

They were given take-home activities wherein they were tasked to share some of the food waste reduction practices that they follow at home.

Volunteers from NEA conducted a workshop on their campaign regarding Food Waste Management.They shared tips and ways on how we can help lessen the food wastage in our little ways. They were also encouraging the children to take part in saving food to avoid wastage.

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