Cabullo Christian Mark Bagual

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Timah Blk 305 (CC)

Cabullo Christian Mark Bagual
29 Apr

“One Family, One Community, One Earth”- Start Small Dream Big Virtual Launch Party 2022 #SSDB2022

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

Last April 28, 2022, our centre have launched the Start Small Dream Big Project 2022. The event was fun and it was attended by parents, children, teachers and by stakeholders.  The children wore community helpers costume made from recycled materials together with their SSDB orange hats. 

The celebration was also attended by Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM). They have witnessed the performances and actively participated in the activities.

The SSDB pledge was led by some of our parents that works as a front liner in the community. They were fathers from Singapore Army Reservist and an employee of SMRT rail service.

The children showcased their talent as they performed the “Kindness Dance” wearing recycled costumes. 

The grand reveal of our SSDB project theme was introduced by the children through a pre-recorded video. 

One Family, One Community, One Earth

Our SSDB project focuses with children’s rich and healthy interaction with their family, community and their planet. The goal of the project is to bring together the children to the world by helping and showing care to the community and the environment. 

The celebration ended with a smile on everyones faces. The children, the parents, the teachers and the stakeholders are now ready to embark on this new community project. 

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