Learning Vision @ Vista Point

Blk 548, Woodlands Drive 44 #02-20, Vista Point
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In the heartlands of Woodlands, one can find Learning Vision @ Vista Point. Although the institute is situated in a less visible location, the centre has established itself and gained recognition from the families in Woodlands. The closely-knitted community caught wind of the institute’s excellent teaching methods via the word of mouth and referrals among the parents. Being situated in the heartlands, Learning Vision @ Vista Point is basks in a warm and cosy ambience. One can see the carefree faces of children and hear their joyful voices through the glass entrance to the institute. 


The charge for the teaching crew at Learning Vision @ Vista Point is led by the centre’s principal, Miss Cynthia Tan. She has 18 years of experience in the early childhood industry under her belt. Despite being in this service for a long period of time, Cynthia’s flaming hot passion for nurturing young children has never dimmed. She constantly recharges herself and her team at Vista Point with the satisfaction they derive from educating and grooming the children. Coupled with the love they receive from teaching, the professional early childhood team ensures that these young children get the best start possible in the formative phase of their lives.'


Learning Vision’s teaching philosophy is to plan out a fruitful education that spans from their budding years and ensuring it continues indefinitely in a lifelong quest for knowledge. Learning Vision emphasise on giving the children’s welfare the utmost priority. It also integrates professionalism, excellence and community spirit into the teaching curriculum. Like all other Learning Vision centres, Learning Vision @ Vista Point offers the same range and variety of enrichment programs for children with special needs.


The centre also has several unique features. Being the only Learning Vision centre located in a suburban New Town, the institute has easy access to facilities found within the neighbourhood such as the wet market, parks and gardens. The centre can conveniently conduct mini field trips to such facilities to further enrich the minds of children, giving them a more holistic educational experience. Learning Vision @ Vista Point also celebrates the nation’s festivities to disrupt the monotonous classroom lesson regime. The centre also invites parents to join in with their celebrations to further bond with their beloved children. Such events include Chinese New Year, Mooncake Festival, Hari Raya and Deepawali.

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