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School Management System

Manage your entire school with one system seamlessly

Little Check In

Predict, manage, track, and boost enquiries and attendances

Little Family Room

For parents to tune into your child’s day, anywhere, anytime


Assess and evaluate your staff's performance on one platform

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School Management System

Manage Your Entire School With a Single System

Our easy-to-use system is designed for schools to monitor and analyze data on students, staff, parents, and daily operations.

Stay updated on school happenings

Centre Operation

Stay updated on school happenings

A single system to manage the entire school, including features such as Centre Log and Enrolment

Complete overview
Monitor your school’s daily status on your dashboard.
Improved staff communication
Notify each other internally on incidents throughout the day.
Stay connected to the ground
Oversee staff movement and school happening.
Manage enrolment and a pipeline of new students.
Track learning and evaluation effectively


Track learning and evaluation effectively

Tailor the school's learning checklist to meet the needs of your development framework.

Portfolio Report
Record Children’s progress in school with your school’s own curriculum.
2-ways communication
Update parents through a variety of Mediums (photos, videos, text).
Integrated school calendar

Events & Bulletin

Integrated school calendar

Update school-wide events, announcements and notices.

Shared School Calendar
Update school-wide events to allow parents to sync to their phone calendar.
Virtual Whiteboard
Post notices on the school bulletin for parents and staff.
Easy & fuss-free billing


Easy & fuss-free billing

Streamline billing with accurate invoicing, efficient breakdowns, and customizable schedules.

Send fee reminders, generate instant invoices, and store receipts.
Fast and detailed fee breakdown for every transaction.
General Account
View a revenue and balance report for your school.
Personalized to Your Needs
Send weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly invoices to manage your business the way you need.
Extract reports
for data analytics


Extract reports for data analytics

Get a month's worth of analytics in simple graphs and charts, covering students, staff, and administration.

Audit-ready Reports
Secure and organized digital records readily available for licensing and auditing.
Conversations Report
Improve relationship with parents by understanding their interests and concerns.
Ain Suraya Mior Azri

Ain Suraya Mior Azri


The children’s house @ Ara Damansara

As a principal, I rely heavily on the Events and Bulletin features to help me share information to parents more efficiently. Having a user-friendly interface, uploading and sending out files to parents on any school activities such as Coffee Talk, Holiday Camps and Culture Day becomes a breeze. Having nearly 30 staff in my centre certainly is a challenging task as the need to constantly monitor their work timings arises. However, with a similar check-in and check-out method like the children, I am able to monitor the teachers’ attendance with the Reports tab.


Tran Hoang Anh

Tran Hoang Anh


Hanoi Academy

Preschool management software is an effective tool to help administrative tasks in the school become more convenient and effective. With the desire to find the best software to connect parents with a friendly interface, Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School has chosen LittleLives as a partner. This will not only support the school’s management, but it is also an effective way to maintain the relationship between parents & the school. As LittleLives is being implemented in many countries in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, China and Vietnam, I believe that LittleLives is truly a system that can meet the expectations of both school and parents.


Purani A/P Paramalingam

Purani A/P Paramalingam

Educational Leader


LittleLives has helped our operations such as fees collection, become more manageable and simpler. It is so much easier now since the system is automated, with invoices becoming easier to generate and payment collection has become more seamless now! We're happy to use LittleLives because our goal is to go paperless, and LittleLives is the right system to do with! We have a lot of reports that need to be printed and shared with parents, but now since all information is available on LittleLives (Portfolios, Evaluation, Attendance, etc), it has made our lives easier here at Kitakids.


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