Abidah Binte Abdul Hamid

An-Nur Mosque Kindergarten

Abidah Binte Abdul Hamid
24 Aug 2021

Zoom meet-up with MIJ!

This was our second Zoom meet-up session with MIJ, school for special needs. We were so excited to meet our friends again. And this time, they were going to teach us a simple Honey Cornflakes recipe!

And since we really enjoyed doing music and movement activity together the last time, this time we decided to do the National Day workout together, as National Day was just around the corner.

It has been a wonderful experience, and we had so much fun communicating and interacting with our friends from MIJ. Though they are far away from us, they will always be close to our hearts.

We then decided to raise funds for MIJ through having a bake sale. We are going to bake Honey Cornflakes just like how our friends from MIJ taught us, and sell them to the people in our school to raise funds. Stay tuned!

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