Jennifer Gabrielle Momay Lim

Star Learners @ Gambas

Jennifer Gabrielle Momay Lim
16 Sep

Writers of “Smart Trailing”

While our friends at K1 class are illustrators of the booklet, we become writers!

Based on the animals that our K1 friends have chosen, we researched and discussed on ways to protect these animals. In the initial stage of the discussion, the children said things like “We can throw things to scare them away”, “We can call the police”, “We can stomp our feet to make really loud noises”. However after research, the children discovered otherwise.

Using IT, the children arranged the illustration and their authored words using templates and concluded the making of their own booklet “Smart Trailing”!

We cannot wait to publish and share this booklet to our family members.

Together, we can!

Lots of love,

K2 children from

Star Learners @ Gambas

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