Karlene Rodriguez

Skool4Kidz @ Anchorvale Crescent Blk 336A/B

Karlene Rodriguez
17 Nov 2020

Wrinkled Heart

During this activity, the N2 children were taught about the effects of hurtful words on other people.

Children were asked to feel a piece of sandpaper and a piece of cotton wool. The sandpaper was used as an example of hurtful words while the cotton wool was good and kind words. It was explained how different words feel differently when spoken. Some words feel rough and hurt the heart and others are soft and kind.

Each time ‘sandpaper’ words or phrases were said, the children had to fold their hearts. After that, ‘cotton wool’ words were said and they were asked to open back each fold. They were then asked to observe what happened to the heart and they were shown the effects that hurtful behaviour can have on someone’s heart as the wrinkles never come out completely.

At the end of the activity, children were able to identify ‘sandpaper’ words and ‘cotton wool’ words. They were also able to share why they think hurtful words are not good.

Before we speak we must think and be smart. It’s hard to fix a WRINKLED HEART.

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