Abidah Binte Abdul Hamid

An-Nur Mosque Kindergarten

Abidah Binte Abdul Hamid
24 Aug 2021

What is kindness?

We are looking back to the month of May when we started our “Start Small Dream Big” project.

The K1 children are introduced to Mr Bumble Bee who is disabled (has only 1 functional leg) in the class. Despite being disabled, he is still able to fly. So as to encourage children to focus more on the abilities rather than the disabilities.

The children are very curious to know what is kindness. What are the things that are kind and what are not.

We discussed about ways that we can show kindness to the people around us, like our friends and families. We also listened to a few stories related to kindness.

This is another story about kindness that was shared in the class.


We also talked about “Caring for everyone” and we hope to inspire ourselves to show more kindness and care for everyone, including those with special needs. We decided that the title for our SSDB project would be “Caring For Everyone”.

We also brought home our My Reflection Journal during the June holidays to write and draw about our project.

We also included a parental involvement activity where the parents will assist the children to create a heart shaped mural. The children had so much fun making them at home with their parents.

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