Siti Zulaifa Sukardi

Iyad Perdaus Child Development (JE)

Siti Zulaifa Sukardi
14 Aug

Week 3 & 4: ‘Nature and Me!’ – Insecticide; Harmful or Helpful?

“Teacher, how to protect my plants?”

“Yesterday I saw an ant crawling in the soil of my plant!”

These are only some of the questions our little gardeners asked and we thought what good timing would it be for the teachers to introduce insecticide to them!

Our little gardeners learnt that insecticide help to protect their plants from pests and insects that may bring harm. However, they were also reminded that spraying too much insecticide may kill their plants too.

After that, our little gardeners took turns to go out to the garden to water their plants. Atok Naim the community gardener was also around that day and lucky for them, he gave the little gardeners fertilisers for them to ‘feed’ their plants! The little gardeners were amazed to learn that there are 2 types of fertilisers - natural and chemical.

Before our little gardeners headed back to their classroom, Atok Naim showed them the way to use the insecticide so that they can do it for their plants at home.

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