Siti Zulaifa Sukardi

Iyad Perdaus Child Development (JE)

Siti Zulaifa Sukardi
6 Aug

Week 2: ‘Nature and Me!’ – Why is Water Essential in Gardening?

It has been almost a week since our little gardeners started growing kangkung and green bean plants! As the days passed, they were very excited and curious to see how much have their plants grown.

On 22 July 2020, our little gardeners started their day by watching videos about why is water essential in gardening. They also discovered that plants are just like humans, they need water to grow but not to much and not too little. Watching the videos sparked curiosity in the little gardeners’ minds as to how water travel from the soil, into the plant and reaching out to its different parts.

After that came the part where the little gardeners were looking forward to all week, observing how much their plants have grown! The teachers returned to the booklets to them so that they can start jotting down their findings and observations aa detailed as possible.

To end the day, the little gardeners conducted an interesting mini experiment called ‘Colour-changing Flower’ using white flowers, water and food colouring! The next day, they were amazed to see how the colours of the originally-white flowers changed according to the colour of the water!

Stay tuned for more updates next week as our little gardeners will be learning more on how to care for their growing plants, both in school and at home!

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