Wendy Ong Kwee Lan

My First Skool @ Serangoon North Blk 140

Wendy Ong Kwee Lan
6 Aug

We Love Food

A centre wide programme that started off with a “Food Hero Challenge” to cultivate the children’s love for food and to minimise food waste. Children practised asking for their desired amount of healthy balanced meals to be served and teachers ensure to complete the meals to achieve recognition stickers.

To better help our children understand the importance of food composting, teachers share the rationale behind composting through the use of different media and involve children in creating their own compost in class.

Children collected the dried leaves,leftover banana skin from their lunch and vegetables stems to practise recycling food scraps turning them into compost/ fertiliser for their garden.

The teachers added value to children’s learning allowing the children to experiment creating artwork with use of various food waste/scraps. Nursery children were exposed to the elements of art on patterns and lines. Children created “Vegetable stem” printing using the stems collected from the centre cook.

K1 children discovered the value of egg as a dish and found out how the egg shells could also encourage root growth serving as fertiliser. They later used the eggshells to create artworks.

Lastly, our K2 children learnt how Blue Pea flowers are used in dishes as a form of nature colouring and with use of its natural dye children adopt the use of it in their artwork.

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