Virgie Ross Tasico

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Virgie Ross Tasico
28 Sep 2022

Water's Day Celebration 2022

For this year’s Water Day celebration, N1 children were inspired to save water from the PUB’s online story telling “All the Water is Mine! - The Adventures of Water Wally and Sally”.

They recognized that all living things, people, plants and animals are in need of water in order to survive.

To make the lesson more engaging and meaningful for them, children were invited to reuse the water from Auntie’s kitchen (the water she used for washing the vegetables) and water the plants outside the center.

Just like Ran Ran the orangutan, a character in the story, they learnt that they could save more water if they use watering can.

Their cheerful and bright mood were captured when watering the plants!

Children also enjoyed dancing to the fun song, “Turn Off the Tap!”.

Here in Skool4kidz Yishun Oleander Breeze, we inculcate saving the Earth by conserving and valuing every drop of water to our dear children.

We believe that it takes a lot of blue to stay green!

🌍💧 ❤️💙💚🪴🌿🌱

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