Wajiha Begum

My First Skool @ Clementi Blk 339

Wajiha Begum
25 Aug

Water Pollution

The children shared with their teachers and peers on their understanding of water pollution and the different ways humans have been polluting the water. The children learnt about oil spills, throwing trash into the ocean, pesticides and leaving the tap on longer than necessary.

They were then engaged in an experiment where they filled up 2 bottles with tap water. They then identified some of the trash their produce daily in school such as pencil shavings, used tissue, used paper and eraser dust. They collected these things and put them into the bottle of water.

Children predicted what will happen to the water and were tasked to see what would happen to the water at the end of the day. They observed the difference in the two bottles, drew and wrote down what they have concluded from the experiment. Children were very excited to conduct this experiment and were very engaged in observing and describing what they see.

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