Vinna Joan Lacanilao Roque

Skool4Kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park

Vinna Joan Lacanilao Roque
12 Jun

Water Matters! - World Water Day (22 March 2021)

The children at SKC celebrated World Water Day to understand the importance of using water wisely and learn water-saving habits. They also learnt the different ways that water benefits their lives so that they may develop an appreciation of this precious resource’s value.

They were engaged in activities such as story time, water conservation art activities, songs and dance for all levels. They also had a picture of the adventures of Water Wally, the water droplet mascot. Moreover, Kindergarten 2 children prepared video presentations to share what they have learned during World Water Day at SKC.

Children from different levels created their water conservation craft. The older children (K1 and K2) also shared with their friends and teachers about the craft they made. They also shared ideas on how they could help to conserve water and the importance of water in their daily lives.

Wat-er you waiting for? Join us in conserving water!

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