Teacher Karen

Carpe Diem Childcare Resort

Teacher Karen
3 Aug

Water for you, me and the world! Ocean bottle activity and pond water lesson.

We, the Kindergarten 1 class of Carpe Diem Childcare Resort, are learning about water pollution and its effect on the animals.

First, our teacher invited us to recreate the ocean using our recycled bottles. Oh, how I love how the ocean water turned out! It is blue and my seashells are very colourful! I am sure the marine animals are happy to live in the ocean.

Second, as we are also learning about amphibians and their habitats, we found out that pond water is different from tap water! Did you know that? So if the pond water becomes polluted, we cannot just replace it with our tap water! Oh no! So where do you think our amphibians will live?

On our next adventure, we will find out how to stop water pollution and how can we help the animals to survive and live well in a healthy ecosystem. I am so excited!

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