Carpe Diem SchoolHouse

22 Jul 2021

Virtual Kindness: Nothing can stop kindness

Kindness is a universal virtue that can’t be hindered by any virus or pandemic. In my class we tackled Kindness like a good kind of ‘virus’ that can be spread amongst humanity. A kind of virus that can change the world one day at a time.

My class and I had so many plans in mind as we work together with Club Rainbow Singapore. Plans for virtual zoom sessions and activities. But as restrictions arose, we had to find other means to send our kindness to the beneficiaries of Club Rainbow.

Thus we worked together with parents and kids to make “Well Wishes Cards” that we have sent out via post to the patients under Club Rainbow. 

We also filmed and sent exercise videos, English and Chinese Storytelling videos that beneficiaries and the parents may enjoy.

All those activities taught my kids that kindness can never be stopped as long as we do it by heart. There are many means to show kindness. In this time of pandemic we all learned a new term and that is ….

Virtual Kindness. Kindness that meets no boundaries

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