Tricia Chen

TwinkleKidz Playhouse Pte Ltd

Tricia Chen
27 Sep 2021

TwinkleKidz Playhouse Care Packs Distribution and Finale Party

CARE PACKS DISTRIBUTION Last September 24 2021, our school visited the SMRT office in Bukit Panjang to distribute the care packs for our bus captains. Our school directors and principal spearheaded the gift-giving activity. They shared words of encouragement as they handed each care pack to the bus captains. Our school were able to give 390 care packs for them. This was made possible because of the help and support of our parents and children.  

The bus captains were very thankful and appreciative as they received the care packs. They sent us thank you messages too! Sharing with you one of the messages that we received, “Thank you so much for the beautiful gift. We, as bus captains, are facing many challenges every day, but we will make sure our passengers are always safe and happy.”

To our Bus Captains, always remember that we “wheelie” appreciate you and thank you for always going the extra mile!


On the final day of our SSDB, children from PG to K2 joined us as we recapped our journey from Day 1. Together, we revisited the goals and aims of our SSDB project with the theme “Caring for Our Community, Upcycling and Appreciating our Unsung Heroes: Bus Captains.” 

During the activity, children shared their experiences and what they enjoyed the most in doing the project. They also watched a video about their journey throughout this SSDB project. Cheers to our little ones who have worked so hard to complete this project! 

To cap it off, our K2 children prepared a thank you song and a dance number for our Bus Captains to remind them that we appreciate them during this challenging time. 

Our SSDB journey was a success because of the unwavering support of our parents, children and teachers. We couldn’t have done this without their support and partnership! Indeed, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Caring for others is what makes our community strong, so let’s continue to give back to our community through giving and sharing! Our SSDB journey this year ends here, but the spirit of kindness will continue to live in our hearts!

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