Lopez Citadel De Guzman

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Moulmein-Cairnhill Blk 10 (DS)

Lopez Citadel De Guzman
27 Sep 2023

Together, We Change the World!

In line with our theme this year for our Start Small Dream Big project “TOGETHER, WE CHANGE THE WORLD!”, we partner with Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home to show our care for the elderly.

Children from playgroup to K2 classes join the launch of our SSDB 2023 project.

Children enjoy painting and decorating their class donation boxes.

Children and their families are encouraged to give donations to the elderly in the Home. They are very generous and happy to help the elderly wherever they can.

The children drop their donations into the box.

The K2 children are engaged in a virtual meet up to say hello to the elderly. They enjoy singing along and playing bingo games with the elderly and are happy to receive prizes at the end of it.

Another part of our project is caring for nature and protecting the environment.

Our little gardeners enjoy planting different kinds of plants.

Children learn to care for their plants and make sure they are watered and have everything they need to grow.

Children learn about caring for the environment and why it’s important. They develop a love for nature that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Children are entitled to a clean and healthy environment. They learn and understand that cleaning up will save the earth for future generations. Simple gestures like picking up trash and putting it in the right bin can make a change.

One of the ways to protect the environment is RECYCLING!

The children learn the importance of recycling, through putting plastic bottles and egg cartons in the recycling bin to reduce waste.

Our hands may be small but “Together, We Change the World!”.

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