Kylie Goh

Islander Preschool by EtonHouse

Kylie Goh
27 Sep 2022

The Southern Coast That Is My Home

We started off by inquiring into the impact of our choices and actions on the class community. In line with the launch of the SSDB project, this later branched into how we can contribute to the school community followed by the exploration of our roles and responsibilities in the community we live in. To enrich the children’s learning and deepen their understanding on roles and responsibilities, we collaborated with Sentosa Development Corporation to invite the Rangers, Beach Patrol Officers and firefighters for a sharing session.

As the majority of our children live on Sentosa island, our dialogues and discussions led to keeping public spaces such as the beach clean and conducive for people and animals. These discussions inspired us to join the Marine ConserVaction programme to do a beach clean-up.

During the rich discussions in class, our friends talked about “saving sea animals” and “making the beach clean for everyone to play at”. Their sharings led to their engagement in the process of removing solid litter deposited on the beach/ coastline by the tide, visitors or tourists. In doing so, the children practice being an agent of change, empowering to create a livable community space and help to reduce marine pollution to save the sea creatures, despite their young age.

While clearing the litter, we found plastic bags and plastic bottles. The children were excited to share that the plastic bottles could be “put in the recycling bin” instead of discarding them, demonstrating their knowledge of sustainability.

After the clean-up at Siloso beach, we visited a smaller beach (Tanjung Rimau) where the children observed some of the biodiversity, including slugs and crabs co-existing in the area. Although they may already know that there are animals big and small living in the water and along the coastlines, being able to witness the creatures living and making the shores/waters their home, impacts the children’s understanding at a deeper level.

Extending from the beach clean-up experience and a finale for the SSDB project, we have our families continue to support children in contributing to the community by encouraging them to bring recyclable materials such as milk cartons and plastic bottles from home. We used those materials given to create a thank-you gift for our community partners who have shared their experiences and knowledge with us!

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