Jennifer Gabrielle Momay Lim

Star Learners @ Gambas

Jennifer Gabrielle Momay Lim
16 Sep

The Herp Squad!

NPark has provided us with a lot of resources to explore! 

With the launch of the biodiversity week, the school has participated in “Playtime with the Herp Squad” to raise awareness of our natural heritage. Through the fun activities from the given booklet, the children will learn about our native reptiles and amphibians by following the adventures of a team of detectives, Herp Squad on their adventure to solve the mystery of a missing bluebird.

The workshop has sparked an interest in the children on the importance of preserving and protect the animals and their habitats, not just Herps. We further tapped on this interest and discussed on what the children will do when they catch sight on common animals such as snakes, crocodile, monkey, etc.

The children understands that we share the world with many people and animals and that we can do our part to make this Earth a better place for all of us to live in.

Together, we can!

Lots of love,

K2 & K1 children from

Star Learners @ Gambas

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