M.Y World @ Hougang

23 Apr


Title: Thank You Migrant Workers- The Start Small Dream Big Project

By: M.Y World @ Hougang

For this year Start Small Dream Big project, M.Y World Hougang partnered with ItsRainingRaincoats for the second year to show our appreciation and gratitude for their hardwork & contributions to Singapore.

This idea on crafting cushions for the Migrant workers came about when the children asked the teachers “ How come the workers lie on the floor to rest without pillows? Do they feel uncomfortable? Are their heads painful?”

Hence after some discussion, Teachers & children decided to create small cushions for the workers so that they may use them to rest during their rest-time or use them in their dormitories.

These cushions were made with care, empathy, appreciation and recognition for the hard work these foreign workers contribute to our community.

With the support of parents and children, we received their old clean clothes which we upcycled them into the small cushions. They also donated umbrellas and raincoats which the workers can use during this rainy & sunny period.

All the children in school participated by sorting the old clothes into adult and children sizes, cutting the tops to remove the sleeves before tying & stuffing them with the cotton fibre to make them into small cushions.

The children enjoyed the process and participating in this activity. They understood the meaning of giving back to the community and how Start Small Dream Big project served as a reminder that true change begins with small acts of kindness.

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