Lisa Goh

Sweetlands Childcare @ Woodlands

Lisa Goh
30 Jul 2020

Sweetlands Childcare Woodlands 643 Private Limited                                                                Every Drop Counts💧Save Water 💦

“No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green” - Sylvia Earle

Our children from Nursery 2 and both Kindergarten groups actively engaged in the project of ‘Water Conservation’ under the President’s challenge ‘Start Small Dream Big’. Through this project , we aim to deepen children’s understanding on how they can play a small yet an important role to save water eventually saving our Earth. 🌏

Children were taught about the sources of water and about the water cycle. K2 children and teachers had an opportunity to collect rain water, conserve and they water the plants 🌱 in our school garden. They also created a model to depict water cycle which explains the process of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection of water.

Kindergarten 1 students did a collage of pictures which list down the uses of water:- for cooking, cleaning, brushing teeth, washing clothes, fishing, gardening, showering and for drinking.

Nursery 2 kids created their own water droplet headgear with their coloured picture. The objective is to reinforce the Do’s and the Don’ts to save water in line with the project of water 💦 conservation.

These activities and exposure gave some awareness to our young minds to save water and consume wisely so that our future generation will be in safer hands of our Earth.🌍

Children had great fun working as a team and looking forward for the next year project!

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