Joyce Lee

My Little Campus (Bishan)

Joyce Lee
30 Sep 2020

Staying Prepared!

With the current COVID pandemic, My Little Campus (Bishan) would like to focus on raising the awareness on being prepared for the unexpected.

Using the SSDB Resource Packages – My Little Red Dot (“MLRD”) adventure boxes and activity books, our K2 children will learn about the values of Resilience, Vigilance, Unity, Teamwork and Staying Prepared. 

Parents are also invited to be a part of our project. The children brought home the storybook titled “Singapore, My Little Red Dot” to share with their family. At the end of the book, there are 5 activity cards that the children can complete together with their family members as part of the Total Defence and National Education. We have parents to share photos of their activities in Padlet so that everyone can view and read them in real-time. 

Through this SSDB project, our children get to be more aware on what is it all about to Stay Prepared for any unexpected situation in an interactive and fun manner.

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