Aaron Janine Alonzo

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cheng San-Seletar Blk 556 (DS)

Aaron Janine Alonzo
20 Oct 2020

Stay Safe and Healthy

In line with the Start Small Dream Big Project, children and parents of PCF Sparkletots @ Cheng San – Seletar Blk 556 hand-made masks to be given to the residents of SunLove Elderly Care to show gratitude and care towards the elderly.

Children were tasked to pair up clothes to be used in making the masks. Children were all eager to complete the project as they are aware the finished products will be given to the elderly care.

After N2 and N1 children have prepared the set of materials for making mask, Participating parents from K1 and K2 brought the set of materials home to stitch the patterns provided. Parents together with children made the mask. Children were given an opportunity to help their parents by cutting the excess cloth for the mask with parent’s supervision in using scissors.

Children enjoyed the process of making mask with their parents. They get to understand the importance of mask to protect them against COVID-19 as well as to show care to the residence of SunLove Elderly Care.

Once masks are completed, children packed the masks – ready to be distributed to the residents of SunLove. Centre Principal, teachers, parent representative and student from the centre donated the handmade masks to SunLove Senior Care Centre.

Upon receiving the handmade mask from Sparkletots Cheng San- Seletar Blk 556. SunLove staffs and manager distributed the mask to the elderly on the same day. Everyone shared their beautiful smile when they received the handmade mask.

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