Ms Chong Qin Ping

My First Skool @ Tanjong Pagar Block 2

Ms Chong Qin Ping
13 Sep 2019

Start Small Dream Big: Together We Care - Awareness day on no littering

In the month of July, the children went around the neighbourhood to give out bookmarks to the public, encouraging and remind people not to litter on the floor.

Before the event, children reflected on how to save the Earth:

  • To use lesser paper so that trees won’t get cut down until we have no more trees

  • Use only 1 to 2 tissue paper and not more than that

  • When throwing rubbish, must throw into the rubbish bin and not onto the floor

  • We can try to reduce, reuse and recycle the things instead of throwing them away

Through this event, the children not only learnt to have the self-confidence to walk up to people and speak, they have also learnt to play an important part on their own in saving the Earth.

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