Ms Chong Qin Ping

My First Skool @ Tanjong Pagar Block 2

Ms Chong Qin Ping
13 Sep 2019

Start Small Dream Big: Together We Care - A trip to Sustainable Singapore Gallery @ Marina Barrage

In this trip, the children had a tour on how Singapore has evolved to tackle challenges and rising issues in order to create lovable and sustainable Singapore. They learnt about how global warming could affect the polar bears to have no habitats when the heat melts the ice. They have also learnt that to plant more trees in the gardens and parks could help the air to become cleaner. Nonetheless, they have understood how they could play a part to save water, in their own environment such as: 

  • Taking short showers

  • Switch off the tap when brushing teeth or use a mug 

  • Water plants in the morning or at night so that the water won’t evaporate fast as compared to afternoon 

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