Cynthia Wu

MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

Cynthia Wu
22 Aug 2017

Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) 2017 Water is Precious!

On 30 March, Teachers, K1 and K2 children gathered to officially launch our “Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) Project – Water is Precious”.

MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong SSDB Launch Day

To create awareness, children were shown videos on the importance of water and Singapore’s source of water. Children discussed and brainstormed on how to save water in school and at home.

With these ideas, they penned down their thoughts. We felt the need to spread these messages in the school and our neighbourhood so that people would be more conscious and put in extra effort to save water.

All staff put their heads together to think of an effective way to constantly remind our young ones to save and reuse water. The idea of a calendar with messages on water saving methods was mooted. A few of the children’s drawings were used for the production of the 2018 calendar and we were ready for disseminating the message, “Water is Precious”.

Our K2 Water Saving Ambassodors …

Our K1 Water Saving Ambassodors …

… Getting ready…

… reaching out to the primary school children during their recess to spread the Water Saving Messages… and giving out free NEW water too!

“Hello. This is for you!”

“Please save water. Water is precious.”

… not forgeting our friends in the Student Care… 

Our next big task was to distribute the calendar to our neighbourhood. With the help of our Parent Support Group, we went door to door to spread the message…

“Hello! We are from MOE Kindergarten.”

Our little ambassadors were working very hard, they distributed the flyers from the flats to the streets and to the coffee shops with the help from our participating parents. Good job!

We hope that through this project, children would be more mindful whenever they turn on the water tap… (do not waste water… save water… water is precious).

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