Mdm Zahara

Little Footprints Preschool (Yishun701)

Mdm Zahara
9 Jul 2018

Start Small Dream Big Project at Y701A...#WeCare

As part of our SSDB project, Littlefootprints Preschool Y701A’ s children, parents and staff took part in a fund raising project. One of the activities was a Jumble Sale where children and parents donated some useable items and sold them. We collaborated with the Children Cancer Foundation (CCF) and decided to forward all proceeds to them.

We also organised a mini fair that included food stalls, craft stations, a movie time and a zumba routine exercise. We telecasted some Singapore Kindness Movement episodes as we also celebrated the SG Kindness Movement Day. Funds were raised through donations given by the staff, children and parents.

In order to provide our students with an opportunity and experience to give back to the society in their own little ways, this project also aimed to teach them to exhibit care for children who are ill. Our parents were indeed good role models to their children as they involved themselves in these meaningful activities together with their children. In the process, they bonded and taught the children about values such as being loving and caring and to learn to share.

This project was very significant and a great success to all those who participated with an open heart and a positive mindset. The centre raised one thousand dollars with each and everyone’s cooperation and support!

Kudos to the Team of LFP Y701A! 💪💪💪

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