Julia Bte Amir

My First Skool @ Pasir Ris Blk 234/ 487/ 486

Julia Bte Amir
24 Jul 2018

Start Small, Dream Big: Our first visit to NTUC Silver Circle's Elderly Care Centre

We often talked about the elderly, read stories about them, shared experiences and things that can better prepare ourselves for our first visit to the NTUC Silver Circle’s Elderly Care Centre. We didn’t have any expectations of how they’d receive us and react upon seeing our cute selves, or how we could adapt to the unfamiliar and different environment.

As we arrived, they were already seated and waiting as though we were VIPs; little did they know that they’re the real VIP, or more likely, MVP. Some of us were comfortable, and of course most of us got shy. We danced and sang with them, and came up with an unexpected performance just to give a little entertainment, dancing and singing to Hi-5’s ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’.

While they welcomed us very warmly, shook hands and conversed a little, we also felt loved by them as though we were their own grandchildren.

They kindly shared their warmness and love, and so did we.

(Loving Lion K1, My First Skool Pasir Ris 2)

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