Ms. Nur

Little Footprints Preschool (Yishun366)

Ms. Nur
29 Apr

START SMALL DREAM BIG LAUNCH (22nd April 2021) - Little Footprints Preschool @Y366

Starting the launch with the theme “Juene Buddies Connected” which ‘Juene’ means young. We have chosen to venture into the project by staying connected with children who are less fortunate.

Children created their own banners to start of the launch. They pre-made the banners themselves and had fun doing so as they were so hyped so start the project.

We kick off the launch by our teacher explaining what this project is all about. A powerpoint presentation with pictures and videos of less fortunate children were used to share with our children. This is for them to understand on how they should be grateful of the things they have, being friends with others and making others feel happy.

The centre decided to start the project by sharing some goodies with the children from a home. The project launch activities were shared across all levels. The Nursery 1 children helped in making notebooks for the goody bags.

K1 and K2 children were in charged of making bookmarks for the goody bags. They painted and wrote kind words to cheer the children from the home.

Nursery 2 children were in charged of packing all the self made items, stationeries and sweets into the goody bags which will be given to the home.

We will be giving these goody bags to the home.

Stay tune for more updates on our project!

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