Loh Cai Xuan Amanda

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kolam Ayer Blk 26B (EY)

Loh Cai Xuan Amanda
14 May

Start Small Dream Big Launch Party on Poject Caring for the Elderly (collaboration with eldercare facilities)

The Start Small Dream Big project, launched by the nursery children on 2nd May 2024, was a heartwarming display of creativity and unity. The project began with the children decorating a poster with their handprints, symbolizing their love for the elderly. Titled “Building Bonds Across Generations: Fostering Confident and Creative Learners with Caring Hearts,” the project encapsulated the values of respect, graciousness, integrity, and teamwork.

Each colourful handprint on the poster represented a child’s unique contribution to building connections across generations. An image of an adult hand holding a child’s hand inside a heart shape beautifully symbolized the collaboration between different age groups. This effort showcased the power of collective dreams and highlighted the importance of nurturing confident and creative individuals.

With joyful laughter and boundless enthusiasm, the children set a shining example for the community, inspiring hope for a future filled with compassion, empathy, and unity. Their project not only demonstrated their creativity but also their deep sense of empathy and caring for others. It serves as a reminder of the positive impact that even the youngest members of society can have when they come together with a common purpose.

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