Serene Chan

MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

Serene Chan
28 Apr

Start Small Dream Big 2022- “Light up our Family , Light Up Our Community” ~ MK@Dazhong

Our centre commenced the SSBD launch Party on 18th April 2022. This event was inaugurated by our Principal Mrs Liang, Vice Principal Mr Koh and Centre Head Mdm Serene. This year’s theme is - Our Family, Our Community! We brainstormed and came up with our SSDB project “ Light up our Family, Light up our Community”.

Our centre focuses on “Go Green Go Clean” initiatives. We hope to continue our niche and belief in protecting the Earth and Environment by instilling the right values to the children. Through this service learning project, the children will be able to demonstrate respect to the environment and be responsible individuals by contributing back to the community.

Stay tune for more updates from MK@Dazhong!

Our school leaders cutting the recycled ribbon to launch the start our SSDB 2022 project. Check out our beautiful red flower bow which was made using recycled plastic bags.

K1 children demonstrating Recycling right .

Let’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!” Oh yes , we also learnt to “Refuse!”

To create the signboards “SSDB 2022”, the K2 children worked together to form the alphabets and numerals with their bodies and reused carton boxes to make the boards.

Both K1 and K2 children were as high as a kite during the SSDB launch party and they are looking forward with enthusiasm to spread love and light to their family, the community and the environment through their project.

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