Sufenia Marshiella

My First Skool @ 51 Fernvale Link

Sufenia Marshiella
22 Jun

Start Small Dream Big - Appreciating our Frontliners (pt. 2)

As mentioned in our previous post, our school (My First Skool @ 51 Fernvale Link) have received a number of messages, videos and pictures from parents showing their gratitude towards the frontliners.

We have since collated all the photos and videos together to make a 6-min long video and even posted it on our school’s Youtube channel.

Please refer to the link below to watch the video:

The start of the video should look like this.

Some of the personnels mentioned in the video were: doctors, nurses, cleaners, deliverers, postman, police officers, and even firefighters.

Thank you delivery teams and our cleaners!

Thank you doctors and nurses for saving lives!

Thank you postman for delivering our mails!

We even came up with a short poem for them in the video.

We hope that all of you enjoyed watching the video as much as we did.

Have a great weekend ahead! 😄

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