Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
17 Oct 2020

Stars experiencing the beauty of intergenerational bonding by Seniors from MindCARE Integrated Service Centre❤️

A week prior to Children’s Day, we received an email from MindCARE Integrated Service Centre which reads:

We were so grateful and we coordinated with the staff of MindCARE Integrated Service Centre to visit us in compliance with the safe distancing measures in place! The children were overjoyed when they heard the seniors were getting them return gift for children’s day! 

Coasters and ear savers for daily usage of masks was handmade by the seniors, not forgetting the yummy snacks they had bought! 

They were so touched! And the day arrived:

The divine beauty of inter-generational bonding was witnessed by all of us! The children greeted the seniors and they exchanged well wishes too! Stars asked if the seniors liked the care packs which they had prepared. Seniors replied that they were very touched by the Stars’ efforts to reach out to them despite of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as act of gratitude, they had in return prepared gifts for the children in commemoration of Children’s Day! The icing in the cake was the heartfelt video which the seniors had prepared for our Stars! Here is the link of the beautiful presentation by the Seniors dedicated to the Stars:

Our eyes welled up and our hearts were filled as we watched video of the seniors exuding positivity, words of affirmation and encouragement to our Stars! This is indeed the beauty of kindness shown throughout different generations! It is now proven that kindness transcends pandemics and boundaries! Thank you, Seniors! We love you!

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