Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle
31 Aug 2018

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle SSDB Launch Party!

It was a blast on 30 April in Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle for the official launch of our first ever Start Small Dream Big project! The little earth care takers don their signature orange dreamers hats as they pledged to take good care of Mother Earth.

No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

The children made posters to promote saving of the Earth. We stick the posters all around the school to spread our green message - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

The little Earth Caregivers then went out to the neighbourhood to walk the talk! With our little eyes, we spied all the garbage around. Recyclable a not, we picked them up. We scanned through the things that we have collected and then it was sorting time!

We also managed to gather some useful materials for our Green Fundraising carnival happening in a few months time.

We went back to the school and discussed about the process of waste management . We found out that we generated almost 7.7 million tons of waste in 2017, enough to fill 3000 olympic swimming pools! (We wished you could see how the little jaws dropped when they heard this.) The children now understands the impact of the waste and with the correct disposal methods, waste can be generated into more useful things and even energy. Through this new finding, we are going to spend the next few months researching, planning and conceptualizing the things we can create using waste materials for our carnival. 

It was heartening to see children doing their part for the society. Start small dream big! We definitely can do it!

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