Sharon & Nurulain

Star Learners @ Gambas

Sharon & Nurulain
12 Sep

Star Learners @ Gambas - Respect: Being Patient & Kind

Following our Launch Party, the K1s and K2s started to embark on their learning journey on what it means to show respect as a memeber of a family.

Our classes went through story telling using FFL’s own storybook titled : Treasures for Life - Becky and the Treasure Chest. Here we followed Becky Bunny’s journey as she struggled and learnt to be respectful to everyone.

After this, we went through various lessons that reinforce this charcter within us. We had identification of different situations where we labled respectful from disrespectful, and solve problems by suggesting respectful ways to deal with frustrating situations.

Apart from these, the children were also engaged in creatove lessons such as pebble painting and glue making which were some of the items that can be found in the book! 

We also did our recorded learning journy through our journals too!

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