Lee Xin Ling, Angelina (Li Xinling)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio-Hougang Blk 535 (DS)

Lee Xin Ling, Angelina (Li Xinling)
1 Oct 2020

SSDB2020 Project CARE~ Showing CARE During These Challenging Times

  1. Project Idea and Launch:

Showing CARE during these challenging times

Our K2 children had just come back to school after the abrupt lockdown in which they were suddenly told to stay at home for more than a month. When they came back, all they could talk about was the Coronavirus. As we were embarking on the Start Small Dream Big project, we discussed with the children about what difficulties they and other people around them faced during the circuit breaker. During this intense brainstorming session, our children mentioned that their parents were nurses at the hospital and that their mommies were very tired everyday after work and would not hug them. Another child pointed out that his parents said that the healthcare workers were very brave because they fight the virus face to face everyday. A few children also said that their parents were very fussy about touching their face or eating with their hands. With those as the base idea, we asked the children what they can do to show CARE for themselves and others during this challenging times.

  1. Brainstorming and Working with Families

Flowers from the heart- A parent-child collaboration

Our K2 children went home with hearts full of good intentions and minds full of questions, to brainstorm ideas with their family on what they can do to show CARE. After discussing with their parents, our K2 children came back bursting with ideas which sparked another intense brainstorming session in the classroom. With so many ideas to choose from, we had to carry out a voting session to decide which ideas we should use in our Project CARE. The result of the votes was 1. handmade flowers and 2. handmade cards.

As it was getting close to the term break, we invited our K2 children to involve their families in showing CARE to the healthcare and frontline workers. The result of the hardwork of our children and their parents can be seen below:

  1. Elaborating

How can we present our handmade flowers and cards to the healthcare and frontline workers?

This question sparked another intense debate on what the children can use to put their flowers and cards together so that they can best showcase the flowers and cards their worked so hard on during the school holidays. With that, the children voted and decided that the handmade flowers and cards should be presented on decorative wreaths and flower baskets.

At the same time, a few children started to wonder if they have sufficient flowers for everyone working in the hospital. With this determination, they also decided to work on making different types of flowers using egg cartons as they strived to make sure that “everyone gets 1 so no one will be sad”.

  1. The Final Product

Gifts From the Heart

After spending much time and effort, our K2 children were proud to present the final product of their efforts.

  1. Extending Project CARE

It all started with the question…. “Who are we giving the flowers and cards to?”

Among all the answers about healthcare workers and frontline workers, suddenly came this line, “For my aunty who got dengue fever”. As the children started to ask questions about this new term ‘dengue fever’ and discussed the topic further, the children started to show a marked interest in topics such as stopping mosquitoes from biting them to topics such as how to “stop other people from catching dengue”. With that, we decided to extend Project CARE to include showing CARE of the Safety of Self and Others.

  1. Reflections and Follow Up

What else can we do to stop the spread of dengue?

How will the children send their handmade gifts to the healthcare and frontline workers?

As we embark on this quest to show CARE towards the Safety of Self and Others, we hope you will continue to follow us on our exciting journey!

With Love From,

The K2s of PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio - Hougang Blk 535 (DS)

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