Norsidah Bte Rashid

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 894D (CC)

Norsidah Bte Rashid
21 Jul

SSDB Week 8 Activity


Children drew and coloured pictures that represented ‘One Earth, One Dream’ such as saving the Earth, love the Earth, and the 3Rs for their poster.

K1The children enjoyed doing the activity on the Poster ‘One Dream, One Earth’ where they got the opportunity to do it in a group. They learned to listen to each other’s ideas and took turns in doing their parts such as drawing, colouring on the ‘One Dream, One Earth’ posters. The children were very proud of their poster.


Children had a short discussion about the theme ‘One Earth, One Dream’. They have talked about taking care of the environment, saving energy, cleaning up the surroundings and planting trees. These are some examples of their ideas and understanding about the theme.

Subsequently, children worked in pairs to make a poster where they drew and coloured various objects that represented the Earth.

They have shown their creativity and illustrated their feelings and thoughts through their own authentic posters.

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