Nordcom II (NC2)

28 Nov 2023

SSDB- Upcycling Wonderous Hands

Activity 1: Caring for our Environment -

Beach Clean Up with Parents at Sembawang Park

On 31st May 2023, K2 children from Small Wonder Nordcom II embarked their SSDB journey with a introductory activity with a Beach Clean Up at Sembawang Park together with their parents. They worked together in groups to pick up litter and sort them into trash and recycbles. This activity not only created a strong bond between the children and parents but also reinforced their understanding Upcycling as well as our SSDB’s focus on Caring for our community.

Activity 2 : Visit to National Gallery Singapore with MINDS

“Our First Meet”

On 5th July, the journey of our K2’s continued as they made new friends with children from MINDS as they explored The National Gallery of Singapore together. This meeting marked the start of our collaboration.

Activity 3: Small Wonder Visits Minds (I)

On 13th July, our K2 children visited MINDS at Woodlands Garden. There, they played an icebreaker game to remember each other before they break into their small groups. Once they were in their assigned groups, they drafted a bag design before creating the actual bag using the assorted materials.

Activity 4:

MINDS Visits Small Wonder (I)

On 19th July 2023, Wednesday, MINDS visited Small Wonder Nordcom II. They has a tour around our school and played at our indoor playground. As an icebreaker activity, they danced for a few songs in the Music Room before breaking into groups to create upcycled bags. This time, they had to create a replica of the designed that we’re given to them.

Activity 5:

Small Wonder Visits MINDS at Woodlands Garden (II)

On 26th July, Wednesday, Small Wonder visited MINDS again for the second time. They visited the school garden and played some warm up games in their music studio before splitting into groups at their designated work space. This week, children designed Upcycled pencil cases.

Activity 6:

MINDS Visits Small Wonder (II)

On August 2023, Thursday, MINDS visited Small Wonder to work on their final creation of Upcycled Tote Bags. They began the collaboration by having a great time at the playground before separating into their works spaces to design their bags.

Activity 7: The Fundrasing Event Hosted by Small Wonder K2 children

After tremendous effort put in to create the Upcycled Bags, the K2’s hosted a fundraiser to sell their creation to the parents of all level children of Small Wonder. The event took place on 5th October 2023 from 4 p.m to 5.30 p.m. As it coincided with our Children’s Day Celebration, children were dressed in their favourite Disney costumes to welcome the parents. They boldly took on the roles of ushers, promoters and cashiers. The outcome of the event was fabulous!!

The Finale:

Presenting the proceeds of $1200

from the Fundraiser to MINDS

Our K2 children performed for the students and teachers from MINDS during their assembly before handing over the proceeds to the principal .

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