Nur Ellyna Binte Rosli

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fernvale Blk 416A (DS)

Nur Ellyna Binte Rosli
26 Nov 2020

SSDB Save Water Pledge

As COVID-19 arises in Singapore,it didn’t stop our educarers to educate children about saving water. As many planned projects were postponed during circuit breaker,we decided to bring in technology in learning.

We uploaded parents engagement toolkit to encourage learning at home. With parent’s support, children created their own ‘Save Water Pledge’ at the comfort of their home.

We were impressed by the responses received. Children even wore their orange hat and took a photo with it. Smile for the camera children!

Water droplet template that were provided are filled with colourful pictures drawn by our children. Some pledges that were written are

  1. I pledged to use the unsued water to water the plants.

  2. I pledged to turn off the tap while applying soap.

  3. I pledged to take shorter showers.

  4. I pledged to wash vegetables and fruits on a bowl.

  5. I pledged to turn off the tap while brushing teeth.

We are indeed very proud of each and evey children who participated in this pledge making.

We would like to thank our supportive parents for their help in making this project a success!

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