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Nabizah Zafarah
31 Aug 2018

SSDB PROJECT: A Little Spark of Kindness and Thoughtful Helping Hands!

“We start small but our dreams are to help more” -  K2A Inventiveness

Our objectives of the project are to encourage our children to show Kindness, Care and being Thoughtful to our less fortunate children in our society.

  • Raising awareness in our children of the needs of others. 

  • Make positive contributions to the well-being of our society. 

In this project,  we laised with NLB and Children’s Aid Society (Melrose Home) and together with our Parent Support Group to make this journey a successful and achieveable.

During our launch, we invited Ms Meena from NLB to our centre to share the story titled “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed”.  In addition,  there was a sharing session of how could show our Kindness and Love to our society.  Children enjoyed listening to the story and had a great interaction session with Ms Meena of NLB.

Class Presentations (Phase 2)

We had class discussions on the plans and preparations to carry out the project.  Children contributed their ideas and thoughts during the lively discussion.

Children APPRECIATED the ideas from fellow peers and showed PERSEVERANCE to help the Melrose Home.


“Let’s Recycle Our Old School Uniform!” (Phase 3)

During the June Term Break,  teacher gave a Home Based Project on Recycling the old uniforms to be redesigned into meaningful and useful items for the children at Melrose Home to use. 

This project of the 3Rs (Recycle,  Reuse &  Reduse), is also based on our K2 curriculum where our children learn to engage and explore.  By recycling the old uniforms,  children become aware of how we could save our earth and the environment.  Parents and children worked as a team to show their PERSEVERANCE and INVENTIVENESS to transform the old uniforms into useful items such as tote bags,  handbags,  pouches,  purses,  pencil cases, etc.  

‘Kind, Thoughtful & Thank you Wishes’  by K2A Inventiveness  (Phase 4)

Our K2A children decorated the ‘Star Cards’ and SSDBpaper bags by writing kind,  thoughtful and thank you wishes.  Children enjoyed and worked together as a team. 

‘Showcase and Display our hardwork and great effort as a team for the project’.  (Phase 5)

Children decorated the wall with the ‘kind wishes’ cards and recycled craft works on the table.  The children were filled with Joy and Pride and showed appreciation and complimented their peers’ efforts.  

‘Fun & Joy in packing the donations for the Home’ (Phase 6)

Children, parents,  teachers and centre principal,  Madam Mahani were greatly involved in the donation drive.  Children, together with our PSG, were excited and happy to pack the needy items such as dry and canned food,  storybooks, toiletries,  stationery and the recycled craft works for the donation to the Children’s Aid Society.  

‘Visit to Melrose Home c/o Children’s Aid Society’ (Phase 7)

Children ENGAGED in a group discussion to show their SENSE OF CURIOSITY to know the environment and the activities at the Home.  Children prepared some questions that they would like to ask the Home. 

Children, together with their parents,  teacher Madam Nabizah and Centre Principal,  Madam Mahani,  visited the Children’s Aid Society on Tuesday,  28th August 2018, to give the donations.  We were warmly received by Ms Wan Yin,  Community Engagement Executive, who also did a small presentation about the Home.  Children interacted and engaged well with the officer by asking inquiring questions.  

‘Our Warm Reflections on the Journey of how Kindness and Care can help in Building our Society stronger’ (Phase 8)

Our K2 children reflected their learning journey for the SSDB project by writing their THOUGHTS and REFLECTIONS in the Reflection Journal.  Children learned to show Care and share Kindness through collaboration for a good cause with our community partners.  

SSDB is a wonderful learning journey and platform for our children to show their Love, Care, Kindness and Thoughtfulness to our society.  

‘Thank you to Children’s Aid Society (Melrose Home), NLB,  Parents, for making this journey a successful and fruitful’. K2A Inventiveness

‘Do Small Things With Great Love’ - Mother Teresa

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