Rebecca Chang Yu Ting

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh East Blk 247 (cc)

Rebecca Chang Yu Ting
22 May 2017

SSDB- PCF Sparkletots Kim Keat Link Blk 247

This is the first time our centre is taking on this project- Start Small, Dream Big. Wow. What little yet impactful words. So does it have in hold for the 6 years old in 247 then?

The children were tasked to look for the SSDB mascot around the class.

To begin with, we read the book “If You Plant a Seed” together to find out what happens when you plant different kinds of seeds- care, selfishness and kindness. Through this, we discovered how our different actions can affect the things around us.

Can you guess what kind of seed we decided to plant?

Our teacher then told us that we will be on a mission- to be the kindest. We then shared with each other what kindness means to us, how it makes us feel and who we can be kind to. She showed us a video and told us that many other children in Singapore are doing this mission too!

She gave us our kindess hat, and we wore it with pride as we wrote down our kindess pledge.

Look at us in our bucket hats!

After writing down our pledge, we came together for a photoshoot!

Say cheese!

Start small… DREAM BIG!

Our mission

We were told that we will be going to a place called SPD and we thought of how we can be kind to the people there!

Who are we going to see? What are we going there for? So many questions in our mind!

In fact, our parents have already started our kindess journey- by donating in-kinds!

Is this the only box? No! This is just a little teaser from our genourous parents!

Now what is going to happen next… Stay tuned for more!

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